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Apr 29, 2010

Proceedings of the Steering Committee of JCM-III level council of OFB

The 9th steering committee of 11th Term JCM III Level Council, OFB hled on
12-03-201at OFB HQRS, Kolkata under the chairman ship of DDG/Admin. During the
meeting the following points were discussed and the decision/position/progress
to given below.
1. Payment of Night Duty Allowance
arrears on the Notional Basic of IVth CPC + DA + Increment + Promotion between
1.1.1996 till date:
Clarification of NDA which is now being paid on IV CPC pay scales from 1.1.96
was demanded to calculate by adding the increased DA + Earned Increments,
Promotion / ACP etc., till date. This was agreed by OFB, Revised package by PC
of A factories was issued. Few factories
have paid the arrears and calculating on
the revised package. It was insisted that many factories have not paid. It
should be ensured that all the ordnance factories should make the arrears
payment and the details should be given in the next meeting.
2.OT Payment on revised VI CPC Pay:
It was demanded that the OT allowances should be paid on the VI CPC scale
without further delay. It was informed to OFB that Railway Board issued orders
recently to pay OT allowance on the revised pay w.e.f. 1.9.2008 by calculating
HRA, TA, DA and Ration Allowance. Similarly it was demanded to calculating OT
pay to ordnance factory employees without
further delay on the revised pay.
3.Co-Relation of piece work profit on revised pay:
It was demanded that there should not be any further delay to Co-Relate the
piece work profit in the minimum of the pay band with Grade Pay.
4.Payment of piece work profit to those employees who were promoted / Granted
ACP on the upgraded Pay / Grade Pay:
Though the Co-relation is delayed, but the employees
who were promoted / granted ACP after
1.9.2008 have not paid piece work profit on their pay. It was agreed to consider
and was referred to PC of A fys.

Demanded the following:
a) MACP benefit to Teaching staff of Ordnance factories.
b) Merger of AF / FM / SH with JWM or to promote ch/man to AF immediately.
c) Holding of DPC for PR Teachers for their promotion.
d) Continuing of Risk Allowance and Patient Care Allowance.
e) Granting of EL 30 days to Direct Workers without delay.
f) Granting of incentive to Labourer SSK working in maintenance sections.
g) Early clearance of SLP to allow Direct
Recruitment in HVF, OFT, OFP madek and EFA.
h) Special increments granted to stenographers through Arbitration Award should
be treated as Part of Pay.
i) Granting of Departmental OT 3 ¼ Hrs. for Piece Workers to be considered. PC
of A fys agreed to consider.
j) Early sanction of Manpower to Ordnance Factories during the year 2010-11 for
Direct Recruitment against wastage vacancies arised during the previous year.
k) Cadre review proposal by OFB for para medical staff should be forwarded to
Mof D by OFB without further delay.
l) Pharmacists awarded Rs.4200 Grade Pay should be granted w.e.f. 1.1.2006 and
the clarification deleting of 2 years should be made clear.
m) Cadre review proposal for all categories should be prepared and forwarded to
consultation with staff side and accordingly Recruitment Rules should be
n) The residency period prescribed by DOP&T should not the followed wile filling
the vacancies fallen prior to 1.9.2008 and as per Recruitment Rules only should
be followed.
o) Removal of stagnation for store Keeping staff (SK & Supervisor) after the
merger of Ch/man II & I , the vacancies fallen will be filled by promotion.
p) Agreed to declare the advertisement for filling the Ch/man vacancies through
LDCE by April.
Further OFB agreed to consider the following.
Ø NIES who have got Rs.1900 Grade Pay, if willing to become labour SSK (GP
Rs.1800) Grade Pay will be considered since their pay will e protected as per
recent Government orders.
Ø Laborer USK now become Laborurer SSK their up gradation will be ignored for
MACP. Their promotion to SK also will not be counted for MACP orders were
Ø Agreed to grant Compassionate Appointments to those who were offered
appointment prior to VI CPC orders even if they are less than matriculate but
will be placed in S1 - Scale (OFB issued order instruction No.63/2009(PCC) dt
Ø Recovery of subscription to wards GPF for new pension scheme employees under
scheme – II was discussed but were informed that the matter may be discussed at
national council (JCM).
OFB asked the federations, to submit their cadre review proposal to within
seven days, so that OFB can in corporate in their proposal and consult with the
federations. You many forward proposals for the following cadres.
Ø Industrial Employees
Ø Store Keeping Staff
Ø Supervisor Staff (Ch/man to JWM)
Ø Fire Fighting Staff
Ø Cart while group ‘D’
Ø Stenographers Cadre
Ø Hindi/Raj basha Cadre.
Regarding the four grade structure of Artisan (Trades Man) and upgardation of
MCM Grade Pay to Rs.4200 and HS-I Grade Pay to Rs.2800 was referred to DoP&T and
the same was approved by DoP&T and sent to Mof Defence on 26.2.2010. Now the
file was sent to Defecnce (Finance) for their approval. Now pending there. Any
moment, it can be cleared. We have asked one time relaxation for Highly Skilled
from Trade Test and to give effect from 1.1.2006. Due to this, MACPS also
pending in many factories. MCM will be feeder grade to Ch/man infuture.
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